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Founded in early 2016, ALT SPACE is a modern design studio with a minimalist approach, creating and curating unique interior spaces. Influenced by Italian craftsmanship and Asian cultures, the studio seamlessly blends them to create timeless designs and details. Our philosophy and designs are inspired by the the golden ratio, representing a balance between two cultures and connecting all the aspects in order to design alternative yet relevant and practical spaces and furniture that reflect the client’s personality.

ALT SPACE is the brainchild of Ria. She has a Dual Masters in Fine Arts in Interior and Furniture Design from Florence Institute of Design International (FIDI), Italy, and a B.Des in Interior Design from Raffles Design International, Mumbai, India.

With 7+ years of experience working on various types of projects - both commercial and residential, she specializes in ensuring excellence in design strategies along with a keen sense of space planning, elemental materials, colour schemes and design details unique to each space. She aims to create modern minimal designs that involve the process of interacting with the surroundings, stripping a space down to the bare essentials and re-create its form, detail, lights, materials and decor to provide a lifestyle that fits the client. The outcome helps to portray the inward significance of things, rather than restrict its effect to outward appearances.

In addition, she has been a visiting faculty at Raffles Design International, Mumbai and NMIMS' BSSA CIED (Centre of Interior Environment and Design), Mumbai since 2019.



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